Inspired: Bathroom Love

Is it just me that can’t help but pine over other people’s bathrooms? Perhaps it’s becasue I’ve not had the pleasure of over-hauling one myself, having always rented, so all my bathroom based creativity is backing up. When I do get the joy of starting from scratch I’m going to have to streamline my inspirations … More Inspired: Bathroom Love

Inspired: Stationary

Not only is it lovely receiving a hand written note on some beautiful stationary but it doesn’t half make you feel like you have your sh*t together writing on some. One of my many life goals is to have a selection of stationary worthy for every occasion so I’ll always be prepared to send my love.

Craft: Wishing Bone

I saw this post and loved how effective Sarah’s wishing bone place holders turned out. Seeing as it’s been a long time since I got creative with polymer clay I thought I’d invest in some and put my hands to good use. Although originally I was going to make some smaller wishing bones, perhaps to … More Craft: Wishing Bone

Inspired: Greenery

I do love how a few flashes of green can really add some life and freshness to a room. These pictures have given my so much inspiration, all I need to do now is get down to the garden center quick-sharp and find the prefect spot to display a new green and leafy friend.