Style: Bangkok Street Style

Bangkok was such a stimulating place to visit – I saw so many different styles in the short time that I was over there. Since getting back to the UK I’ve been browsing Bangkok Street Style websites to remind me off the injection of class and sass that was in amongst the highrise buildings, traffic and smog.

Style: Purple Lippy

For a reason unbeknown to me I’ve been drawn to purple lip colours over the past few years. I miss the days of hitting the dance floor every Saturday and being able to change your lipstick every week. Nowadays when the occasion comes to don a bit of lippy the pressure is on to wear … More Style: Purple Lippy

Style: Eyebrows

Eyebrows define the face so much more than I realised, or so I’ve been informed in recent months! I’ve always neglected my eyebrow – plucked a few strays and concentrated on finding the right foundation for my pasty skin or lipstick to make my lips pop – but so many people are preaching that the … More Style: Eyebrows

Style: Glowing Skin

I’m not a natural redhead, if you haven’t already guessed, and while I’m injecting a bit more ginger into my hair every month or so I’ve gotten into the habit of treating my skin. Last week I conjured up this beauty. It was good enough to eat and great at both moisturizing and exfoliating. All you need is: … More Style: Glowing Skin

Style: 90s Makeup

Although I’m a pro at buying makeup, but I’m pretty poor at wearing it. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a lady of habit and as such I’ve stuck to a very similar makeup routine for the past five years (at least). In a bid to inspire myself to live a little and use of the … More Style: 90s Makeup

Computer Days

After writing my post a week or so ago with little enthusiasm for painting my nails this green-teal colour by NYC’s (In a New York Colour Minute) really caught my eye and for only £1.79 it was too cheap not to throw in my basket. I was particularly tempted as I knew I had a couple … More Computer Days

Style: Moisturising

I am a creature of habit and also of dry skin. I find that life is a whole lot less irritable when the basics are covered: No chapped lips; Skin looking healthy without make-up; Better finish to your make up; and Hands not sensitive to squeezing the limes into your mojitos. Being sufficiently moisturised definitely … More Style: Moisturising