Inspired: Bathroom Love

Is it just me that can’t help but pine over other people’s bathrooms? Perhaps it’s becasue I’ve not had the pleasure of over-hauling one myself, having always rented, so all my bathroom based creativity is backing up. When I do get the joy of starting from scratch I’m going to have to streamline my inspirations though, at the moment so many different styles and ideas catch my eye!

Bathroom 2




bathroom relaxing bohemian home vintage


3 thoughts on “Inspired: Bathroom Love

  1. 1 no 1 is superb, no 2 heavenly, 3 – sorry, no, 4 yes, no 5, whats that? Gypsies been in?? LOL 3 tho, its like birkenhaus, its those tiles! Nightmare! I think it might be nice to have a read bathroom, crimson, with no lines, a womb room! Thats the way to go! 🙂


  2. I like the white brick work style tiling reminds me of my Grandmother’s………..must get round to tackling my bathroom sometime


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