Craft: Dear Antler Jewellery Display

Never Too Experienced - Dear Antlers DIYI’ve had the same jewellery holder since the beginning of uni when I threw this one together from cheap teaspoons and a plastic coat hanger. Crafty and fit for purpose, yes, but when a friend offered me a dear skull (with antlers still intact) in an instant I saw the potential to upgrade my coat hanger display into something more mature and worthy of attention .Never Too Experienced - Old Jewellery Holder

My generous friend frequently works on estates and this skull had been collected by a grounds keeper, probably from a dear that died naturally and had been left to rot away in the forest, so it definitely needed a good clean. But that was the most time consuming part of the process, although I admit that I winged most of it:

1. Clean up the skull and antlers without removing their charm. I opted for boiling water, a little bleach and some elbow grease.

2. Find a way to get attach it to the wall. I manged to slot a couple of cable ties through the back of the skull which I was able to hook over a long nail that I’d hammered into the wall. I also used fishing line knotted around the antlers for extra support and to prevent the antlers from  leaning away from the wall too much.

3. Hang your best bits of jewellery up so you can accessorize at a moments notice.

Never Too Experienced - Dear Antlers. One, Twp, ThreeI’m so happy with the end result. I’ve actually paired down the amount of jewellery I have on display now, with my favorite pieces on the antlers and my others tucked away to one side in a little box. Having a few select pieces out on display has actually meant I’ve accessorised more recently because my options are so visible and easy to chose from.

So if you ever get offered a pair of antlers it’s well worth winging it a little to get them on the wall so you can let your best bits of jewellery speak for themselves!

Never Too Experienced - Dear Antler Close Up 1Never Too Experienced - Dear Antler nakedNever Too Experienced - Dear Antler Close Up 2


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