Do Over: Ikea Wooden Draws

Never Too Experienced - Pistachio and Peach Draws As I’ve been doing over my office it’s the small (and most enjoyable) DIYs that have been left until last. This week I gave a bit of love to this old set of Ikea wooden drawers. It was a really simple DIY but added a much needed injection of colour to my otherwise white office.

These drawers have been in my bedroom since I was a teenager so they simply needed a bit of re-purposing. I sanded them down to the wood and wiped them with a damp cloth.

Using thin washi tape I marked my design, being sure to pull my drawers forward so the washi tape was sufficiently adhered. As this DIY was for my office I painted them as pictured below, however for a more professional finish using a scalpel you would now cut each of the drawers free and paint them independent of the frame.

I chose two colours from the Wilko Emulsion range (showed below). I decanted several teaspoons of each colour into three ramekins and used white emultion to dilute two of them to different extents. Although it’s not particularly clear from the the photo below, the differences in shade show up once dried.Never Too Experienced - Pistachio and Peach Paint Mixes

I applied two coats, removed the washi tape and pulled the drawers out so they could dry separately from the frame.

It’s quite a simple design, but I think it works really well. Once I’d finished I thought it looked really familiar…a day or two later a realised the colours were similar to the Gotye (Somebody That I Used To Know) video, what do you think?


13 thoughts on “Do Over: Ikea Wooden Draws

  1. What a great idea! I like your design and color selection too. I think changing it up a little with a personal project can excite other creative ideas. Sure beats the logistical labor and cost of out with the old and in with the new.


    1. You absolutely should Flick, taping off simple sections is so easy and can add a completely different dimension to the finished result. I love that I created this design with only two colours and simply used white to change the shades. SO easy!! You’ll have to show me some pictures if you do give this a go : )


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