RAINBOW ROWELL: Eleanor & Park

Never Too Experienced - Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park is such a fantastic book; I read it cover to cover in two days.

This book was just what the doctor ordered, as I was feeling down on my luck two characters (more fictional than not) reminded me that there are people out there that you can make genuine, honest connections with and whether they last a week or a lifetime they will mean the world and preoccupy your mind. For the last three chapters I was reading through tears of anticipation – happy or sad? I’m not going to ruin it for you!

What’s so warming about this book is the naivety and innocence of the both Eleanor and Park. Everything they feel and express towards each other is genuine and untainted by previous heartbreaks. All emotions are real and none corrupt. It made me jealous and kept me reading. Neither of them are daft and both come from different backgrounds but their admiration for each other builds the story beautifully.

Eleanor & Park defiantly isn’t a ‘masculine’ book and is probably best read by people who enjoy the emotional development of relationships and how dynamics can change. The plot line isn’t complicated and I found it really easy to read – it’s written in short chapters with Eleanor and Park taking it in turns to narrate you through their growing friendship and the external factors affecting it.

I want to forget it all, so I can read it again and enjoy it just as much.


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