Shop Local: Festival Worthy Temporary Tattoos

Keeping in line with last weeks festival theme (here) I’ve advanced my window shopping to temporary tattoos which are the perfect, hassle free accessories for the festival season.

Over the past year or so they have become increasing popular so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you want something glamorous, traditional or novelty there’ll be something out there for you!


15.07.15 E - Temp Tattoos Ferns (Festival)

Not On The High Street

15.07.15 NOTHS - Temp Tattoos Matalic (Festival)

Not On The High Street

15.07.15 NOTHS - Temp Tattoos Novelty (Festival)


11 thoughts on “Shop Local: Festival Worthy Temporary Tattoos

  1. I love the middle silver one! I’m afraid I’m not keen on ladies with big black tattoos on their arms, but somehow these days a Guy with a ‘not keen’ attitude is frowned upon!
    However I was out with a Lady on Saturday and had a wonderful time, intellectually personality emotionally clicked however ;( I ‘m attracted to her but good friends with her. (BTW we didn’t meet as a date just friends)
    Anyways lol! Bacck to my reply she had ‘red tattoos’ at the top of her arms and they looked great! Nice feminine and I liked them 🙂

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    1. I love the metallic ones too – they’re more like jewelry than tattoos I think.
      Tattoos still are very hit and miss – I actually have a few large ones on my legs – they tend to inspire a love or hate reaction. While I believe everyone should have an understanding that tattoos don’t affect a persons morals and personality, I think it’s only natural for some people to find them more attractive/appealing than others. In the same way some people prefer blondes, curvy girls, stubble or muscly men. There are also so many different styles of tattoo now that the inks and machines are better developed that you could very easily appreciate one style but be turned off by another.

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      1. 🙂 I agree tattoo’s are a very personal decision definitely nothing to do with morals, I hope I haven’t offended you I’m a live and let live, each to their own, freedom of expression sort of guy if we were all the same wouldn’t life be boring xx

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      2. Oh not at all, like I said, I see people’s preferences with regards to tattoos to be so much similar to the physical preferences I have for my ‘perfect’ man!
        Absolutely – live would be so boring if we were all the same!! Thank goodness we’re not : )


      1. I completely agree. I have a few large tattoos, but there are definitely some designs I’d love for a weekend or a night out, but I couldn’t live the rest of my life with. Temporary tattoos are such a fantastic idea!

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  2. Love the eclectic mix of blog posts you have – I’m already feeling educated and you write with great honesty and style. Very cool pics on this one. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog – I hope you’ll enjoy what you read there and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. Cheers, Nik

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