Behind Closed Doors: Skype Sex

Skype Sex

Despite being able to embrace occasional text sex, for the benefit of long distance lovers, I’ve never sent any photos of my naked body, ever. I simply don’t have the trust required to do so. I also know just how easy it is to save, transfer and share images electronically. I’ve known of guys who not only give their friends glimpses of the photos they receive from trusting, naked young ladies but also share them to groups, so their friends can have a wank over them and (potentially) save them to their devices. As a result, sending a suggestive, scantily clad shot to a lover would make me feel more vulnerable than empowered. So regardless of how many times I’ve been asked I’ve never obliged.

I have no problem embracing technology in other ways. I’m all for cloud accounting, automatic backups and Google syncing my contacts to a new phone, but that all relates to information and my body feels too much a part of me to risk sharing within such a unguarded network.

However, intimacy is something you can miss when a lover is unable to share your bed for a long while, perhaps the intimacy of tucking yourself under their arm, playing with their hair or even feeling their erection against you in the morning. Wanting for intimacy (in addition to knowing how technologically uneducated your lover is) can be just enough to push you out of your comfort zone and into a place where sharing your naked body online could be worth the risks previously considered…

Adam had been out of arm’s reach for a few weeks and although we Skyped fairly regularly we’d only ever shared snippets of our recent happenings and face shots. I can’t quite remember how he talked me into it, having tried (and failed) to sell me the scenario several times prior; the planets must have aligned in his favour.

What started off as one of our standard catch-ups, where we both lay in our separate beds many miles apart holding screens in front of our faces, progressed into him showing me how hard he was getting thinking about being with me. How sweet. The buzz that came from knowing that I could turn him on from such a distance, despite an unflattering angle, two day old hair and a makeup free face, was enough for me to trade a glimpse of my nipples for his previously semi-erect penis – it didn’t stay ‘semi’ for long.

I pulled my t-shit over my head and it very quickly became normal to carry on our conversation with my breasts in view of the camera. Admittedly talk had turned to reminiscing about our fondest sexual memories, which happened to be all the stimulation Adam needed for his hand to move out of shot and the repetitive movement of his upper arm to tell the story of what was happening off camera. He asked to see my vulva and I obliged. It turned me on knowing how turned on he was thinking about me, although the thought of Skype Sex could not have turned me on any less…

I gave him a close up on my vulva and used two fingers to let him have a more intimate view of the entrance to my vagina. I’m usually quite good at adapting to situations, or so my CV says, but I was completely out of my depth and realised it at that point. I managed a few semi-sexual questions as I move the camera back up to my original ‘face and tits’ shot: “did that look good?”, “could you see how wet I am?” and “did that turn you on?” But I was a rabbit in headlights and from then on I only took direction, moving the camera accordingly and not saying much.

Luckily this didn’t hinder Adam’s enjoyment and although it was a little like I’d accidentally tuned into someone’s webcam mid-wank (someone who looked particularly familiar) he came and I was relieved from dutifully moving the camera back and forth between my breasts and my vulva as requested.


11 thoughts on “Behind Closed Doors: Skype Sex

  1. A very interesting read! I once sent some pics to an now ex-boyfriend and I was just chatting to one of his friends and admitted that I had sent photos like that and he said “Oh yeah, *insert name here* has already shown us” I was really shocked and his friend was like “Well, what do you expect?” I have NEVER done it since then. It was just interesting though because this particular ex was ALWAYS going on about how all of his other girlfriends cheated on him with his friends.
    I still think its wrong when people try to hack and show pics that are not their business and not their own, but we can’t always guess who we can trust =/


    1. Thanks for taking the time to read Lolsy. I think you hit the nail on the head with the word ‘guess’. You can never truly know what somebody else is going to do. How they act or feel now may be nothing like how they act or feel in the future, after the end of a relationship perhaps.

      Although it is a breach of your trust to share pictures I believe that, for the majority of guys, it’s not a malicious act and more one of pride, bragging almost. But that doesn’t make it any less of a violation.

      I absolutely agree with you and think that it’s completely wrong when images are hacked and shared. However I think these are two slightly different issues; hacking is one of theft of privacy whereas a lover distributing images sent them is far from courteous and shows a significant lack of respect.

      Thanks again for stopping by, it’s great to have your input : )

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  2. Hi, very intimate post indeed. Intriguing and somehow a bit exciting if I try to figure out you in that moment.
    I appreciate the way you tell everything and make your readers part of that “special” moment.



  3. I was swiping down my Reader at work and saw this Post but couldn’t look, :/ NOT worth the risk at work suffice to say couldn’t wait to read tonight. I don’t want to say to much, I just can’t but I’d like to know during you’re Skype err wank aid movie was there ever a time when your face was on screen at same time as your breasts or vulva? (hope your not offended btw!) And did any of the examples have a face and private part on screen at the same time, thank you 🙂


    1. Ah I’m flattered you were so keen to read Andrew, thanks for checking in on me : )

      I’m afraid my performance was by no means professional and although I did managed a ‘face and tits’ angle getting my vulva in the same shot as my face never crossed me mind, never mind negotiating the logistics of it. In fact, given my camera angling skills I wouldn’t have been surprised if Adam was treated to a fair few shots of my belly button and thigh flab instead of vulva!

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    1. Andrew my dear, you may ask all the questions you like, if I didn’t want to answer them I wouldn’t : )

      One of the main reasons I write is to highlight to people that sex isn’t perfect, people shouldn’t feel forced into situations they’re not comfortable being in and that sometimes making mistakes isn’t the end of the world… I’d be daft to close the discussion at the moment I published each post!

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