Misc: The Sunshine Challenge

Never Too Experienced - Sunshine Challenge

A week or so ago the beautiful and wonderful Erika Kind nominated me for a Sunshine Award. Every day I’m flattered that people take the time to read my posts and look at my photos. I can’t help but smile when told I’ve injected a bit of ‘sunshine’ into someone’s day.

Erika proposed some really fantastic, thought provoking questions but I’m going through such a transitional period of my life at the moment it seems my dreams, priorities and preferences change every week (if not day)! I hope she doesn’t mind me putting my own spin on her nomination by responding with three things which are currently adding a bit of ‘sunshine’ to my life…

Never Too Experienced - Memoirs

It’s only recently that I have fell in love with reading the memoirs of fantastic women from all backgrounds. I started off reading Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl (which I reviewed here) and since then I have gone through book after book. This pile contains the ones I’ve read, the one I’m reading and the next one on my list!

Never Too Experienced - Packing Custom OrdersI enjoy sewing and crafting (as you may have been able to gleam from this post referring to my Etsy shop), but what I enjoy even more is when people truly like what I make. Several years ago I made some soaps, body butters and lip balms as Christmas present of which a friend-of-a-friend ended up in receipt of. She recently contacted me asking for more of the same, because she loved the product so much, there’s no compliment better than a repeat customer!

Never Too Experienced - The Sausage Dogs

Over the past few months I’ve been lucky enough to share the company of these two gorgeous sausage dogs. They like smoked salmon and chicken, hide from walks when it’s cold out and sun bathe for hours when it’s sunny. You can’ help but fall for them (even though Darcey can be a bit of a Diva)! I love this picture of them snoozing on the end of my bed while I was reading one of my memoirs.


11 thoughts on “Misc: The Sunshine Challenge

    1. Of course, the ones I’ve already got through are:
      Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind Of Girl,
      Amy Poehler’s Yes Please,
      Kim Gordon’s Girl In A Band, and
      Betty Halbreich’s I’ll Drink To That.
      I’m currently reading Let It Go and have Viv Albertine’s lined up (although I do have a few others to get through before indulging myself)!

      Writing short reviews for them (and a few other books I’ve read recently) is on my list of things to do so if there are any that you’d particularly like me to write about please just let me know : )

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