Food: Garlic Roasted Crushed New Potatoes


These are my latest quick fix when I fancy something savory with some bite. I would have loved to have given the impression that I serve these up beautifully on a platter when guests come round, but, in reality, I knock them up while multitasking and usually shovel them in my mouth from a bowl with only a fork. I’m one classy bird.

They are so easy to make they just require about 40mins of foresight before you can consume:

  1. Boil your new potatoes until you can easily prod them with a fork (15-20mins).
  2. Just before your potatoes are done start preheating your oven to 200DegC.
  3. Crush a good few cloves of garlic using the side of your knife and remove the bottom (stalky bit) of the cloves before placing them on a baking tray with a large glug of oil and some S&P. Go heavy on the salt.
  4. Once you’re potatoes are sufficiently boiled, drain and place on your prep’ed tray before pushing down on each of them with a folk to break the skin and flatten them slightly.
  5. Give them a jiggle about to fully coat in oil and seasoning before placing in the oven until crispy (15-20mins).

Top Tip: A sprig or two of fresh rosemary works really well with the garlic should you have some to hand.

Crushed New Potatoes


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