Misc: Up Your #Instagame in an Instant… [Free Printable]

Never Too Experienced - Hashtag Summary HEADER
 Earlier this week I came across this really useful post by Venus Trapped in Mars.

Recently I’ve been trying to increase my Insta-game by posting regularly, making better use of tags, contributing more to the community and investing a little bit more time in taking better looking photos. I have seen some improvement by way of increased likes, comments and followers, but these things take time- I’m not a celebrity nor offering anything particularly unique so it really is a case of getting back what you put in.

In her post Sarah (Venus Trapped in Mars) summaries some of the most popular tags used over Instagram, who created them and what topics they relate to, she even did a little exercise to prove that using the right tags truly does improve your presence on Instagram.

The information she shared was so useful I condensed it into a table so that when I’m posting to Instagram in the future I can simply identify the category(s) my photo relates to and run my eyes down the column to see what tags I’m best using. It’s so helpful I have it in pride of place above my desk!

If you’d like to up your Insta-game, I’ve attached the table below as a ‘printable’ – it’s four pages so you’ll have to get the washi tape out!

Free Printable: Up Your #Instagame in an Instant

Instagram - Louisa_nte_@Louisa_NTE_


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