Do Over: Coloured Glass

Never Too Experienced . Coloured Glass

I love colour, I love a bargain and I love a treasure hunt, so it’s no wonder coloured glass has become a mission of mine.


Ever since the start of my collection – a set of 6 70s style deep red cylindrical cocktail glasses, £2.99 – I’ve had my eyes peeled for other colourful beauties of all shapes and sizes. Not only do they add a wonderful splash of colour to any shelf or sideboard but they are also a great back up when you’ve gone through all your wine glasses, tumblers and mugs while hosting a party and don’t fancy washing up until morning…although admittedly a lot of my collection, if left stationary for too long, will become filled with safety pins, buttons or hair grips!


I’ve never been too fussed to have matching sets which has been ideal for my treasure hunting successes, because there are so many odd-bods of coloured glass about charity shops and I’m really lucky to have so many good charity shops within walking distance from my home. Sometimes my mind wanders off to think about where a piece has spent most of its life, but most of the time I can’ believe I’ve found another colour in another shape – the combinations appear to be endless!

As part of my ‘Do Over’ I have been making the most of my current collection and getting some of it out of the basement and on to display so it can add a bit of colour to my day. I’m falling backing in love with some pieces I completely forgot that I owned!



18 thoughts on “Do Over: Coloured Glass

  1. Colored glass is a very underrated decorating option. For my wedding, we bought all kinds of cobalt blue glass vases, filled them with yellow rose flower arrangements and used them for table centerpieces. It was unbelievably cheap and looked amazing. We even used some cobalt blue glass cake stands as part of a ‘cake arrangement’ instead of going for the traditional tower. I got so many compliments!

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    1. Gosh that sounds stunning. I love yellow roses but the contrast with the blue glass must have be fantastic. I’ve managed to pick up a small selection of blue glasses but I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for a vase (or two)! : )

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      1. The extra bonus is that even ten years later, I still have some of the blue vases and I am reminded of the gorgeous reception every time I see them. We went with royal blue and yellow to accommodate my husband’s Army dress uniform. The yellow was also nice because of the ‘tie a yellow ribbon’ thing.

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  2. Great post! I enjoy collecting fine glassware too. It started when I was given my great grandmother’s collection of etched wine glasses from the mid 1800’s. Now all the flat surfaces in my house have unique glassware and bottles of different designs and color. Maybe I should now find a hobby outside where there is more room for more stuff 🙂

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