Drink: Strawberry and Coconut Water


Particularly during the summer months, I love concocting fruit based drinks from scratch – it gives me a good 20 min break from work, counts as (at least) one of my five a day and, as a bonus, tastes pretty good.

In a bid to mix things up a little I’ve been trying to incorporate coconut water into some of my concoctions. Seeing as this one worked a treat I thought you might want to give it a go:

Blend together a good handful of ice, half a punnet of stemmed strawberries, a healthy squeeze (or two) of lemon juice and several glugs of coconut water.

It may not be complicated but it is refreshing and that’s what keeps me happy!



12 thoughts on “Drink: Strawberry and Coconut Water

  1. I love coconut, but not so much the taste of coconut water. I am going to try mixing it with the strawberries and lemon juice- sounds yummy! Now I just have to figure out how many strawberries are in half a pun net… πŸ˜‰


  2. Um brilliant! I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow, and I’m absolutely going to try this. I really want to like coconut water, because I know it’s good for me, but just can’t. Haha. But maybe with strawberries I can do it!

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    1. Ooo did you try it? I know what you mean, I always expected coconut water to taste more like coconut….

      Now that it’s quite warm over here I tend to use it in place of milk/yogurt in smoothies, so I can justify several a day ; )

      If you’re still not sure on the taste just with the addition of strawberries and lemon. Scrap the lemon and try a banana and some vanilla extract – that’ll give you an equally as healthy option but with less of the coconut water taste!


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