Craft: Scrap Paper Notebooks


After my recent ‘do-overs’ (here and here) I’ve been working on maintaining a clear desk and a tidy working environment. It’s turning out to be easier than I thought – all I do is tidy things up before leaving my desk at the end of the day. Easy.

One thing that I do always have close to hand though is a stack of scrap paper. I’m a list maker – I like to write things down and crossing them out. But stacks of scrap paper tend to look scruffy and so don’t fall in line with newly, self-enforced, clear desk policy. Seeing as I couldn’t go a day without writing a list I opted to neaten up my stack of scrap paper into little notebooks as opposed to scrapping the scrap.



1. I cut my scrap paper into smaller sizes (although there’s no reason why this wouldn’t work with A4).

2. Using one piece from each stack as a guide (folding it in four and marking the hole position where the creases fell) and a ball of blu-tak, to protect the table, I pierced holes in the papers about 4 at a time with a bradawl.

3. I then took a piece of twine aprox. 4 times the height of the booklet I wanted to make and using an embroidery needle bound the papers together. There’s no hard and fast way to do this but I went over-under-over and then back again so there were no missed stitches on either side.

4. I finished my stitches where I started so I could tie off the twine with knot or a double bow and Bob’s your uncle. They work a treat and look ten times better than stacks of scrap paper!



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