Behind Closed Doors: The Most Beneficial Thing I’ve Learnt from a Lover

In both life and love making I learn the most from the people that I’m with – what they say and what they don’t say. I’ve always enjoyed people watching but it wasn’t until recently that I realised how much I took on and learnt, be it from my local grocers or the owner of a company I work for.

By far the best thing about learning from those around you is the power it gives you not only to avoid making the same mistakes they do, but also the ability to adopt aspects of their good and attractive traits without having to fully learn them yourself.

I could list countless things that I’ve learnt from lovers, but by far the most beneficial to my life is unbelievably simple and effective:

Have a handful of spinach leaves with your breakfast.

I didn’t often have a big breakfast – mainly because I valued my time snuggled under the duvet – but this lover taught me the value of not necessarily having a massive breakfast but of having a good one. He always pulled together a cracking plate of food, it never took long and it always contained a handful of spinach to get a dose of vits in quick. Without fail it set you up until lunch.

These are just a few of the iron rich breakfasts we shared:

  • Toast with scrambled egg and spinach
  • Toast, bacon, poached eggs and spinach
  • Scrambled eggs, mackerel and spinach

It may only have been a brief fling but he was certainly a good influence, when it came to breakfast at least.


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