Do Over: A Change Is As Good As A Rest [with printable]


About a month ago you saw my simple but effective hearth ‘do over’ and since then, slowly but surely, my office has been coming together. It’s taking a while because of other distractions but I can definitely see some character coming through – white can look so bland without the right touches.

My high school English teacher frequently used to move our desks around and counter our complaints with the phrase “a change is as good as a rest”. Although at the time it was frustrating having to reestablish friendship groups she did have a point.

Sitting at the same desk, looking at the same wall day in day out can quickly feel monotonous. To enable me to mix things up quickly I’ve added three small nails to the wall right of my desk to hang binder clips on. This way I can change things up without a moment’s notice.

In fact, less than a month in, I’ve already made a few changes. The first three notes I pulled together really quickly using some free fonts to fill the space (see below for a printable download and details of the fonts I used) but while clearing out I found some postcards which promptly got swapped in.

Let me know what you think and whether you come up with any great wall notes using these fonts!

Download: #1 A Change Is As Good As A Rest 

Fonts used: Young & Beautiful, EastMarket, Lemon/Milk, Times New Roman.

IMG_3026 IMG_3028


5 thoughts on “Do Over: A Change Is As Good As A Rest [with printable]

    1. Thanks! Oh that stack of books is a combination of my next reads and books I need to review…so if you watch this space you’ll be able to read the reviews soon : )

      The big one at the bottom is more of a coffee table book of Ansel Adams photographs – I could get lost in his work for days!

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