Food: Mushroom Buns

Mushroom buns 2

Ever since university I have been a huge fan of Dim Sum. Not just the food, but the concept of sitting with friends (or family) for any number of hours and having a really relaxed meal, chatting away and ordering extra little dishes when you get peckish.

So I got a hit of nostalgia when I came across this recipe. They were an interesting make as I’ve never attempted dumplings before and I definitely have some perfecting to do! The filling was lovely – I could have eaten it with a spoon – but I struggled to get the dough thin enough…and cooked.

By the last three I was getting to grips with what they should look like coming out of the steamer but I was so glad I had decided to practise and didn’t have a dinner party starving in the other room. When I have another few hours free I’m going to give it another shot and in the meantime I’ll leave you will the following top tip:

If it looks too wet and doughy, it probably is, throw caution to the wind leave them it in the steamer and screw what the recipe says.

Mushroom buns 1


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