Do Over: The Hearth.

Since moving back in with my parents (after some unfortunate circumstances) I’ve been taking cover in a room which was last decorated with I was in my early teens and, boy, does it show! Having now decided I’m going to be crashing here until I can buy my own house I’ve decided to bring my room into the 21st century while practising for doing up my very own digs.

One of my first projects – after clearing out mountains of my stuff – was the old hearth which I actually mosaicked my name into many moons myself. How cute! It was a really simple DIY because I knew I wanted a desk to sit over the hearth so nothing fancy was required as it would be covered when the room was done. All it took was a bit of elbow grease to pull up those little tiles, a sand down, a wash and a healthy lick of black gloss. Easy.






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