Behind Closed Doors: Nipple Clamps

In the name of experimentation I purchased some nipple clamps, the logic was there – I like having my nipples played with. Plus, these particular nipple clamps looked particularly harmless with soft black feathers attached and the option to adjust the level of ‘pinch’.

Perhaps I should have waited for us to be in full swing, when heart rates are high, but in truth I was too excited to test out my new contraptions. I pulled them out of my bedside table – most probably with a childish look of glee on my face – and passed one over to my lover before promptly trying mine out on my little finger. Boy, did that thing have a pinch!

Maybe it’s simply that little fingers are more sensitive then nipples. As I moved the clamp closer to my nipple I feared that that most probably wasn’t the case. It wasn’t. But these beautiful, feathery little things were adjustable. I was daft to go in at full ‘pinch’ and assume I’d be able to take it like a pro.

So as my lover and I lay next to each other – both now at nipple level curiosity – we adjusted the grip of the clamps a little at a time. Nope, distractingly painful. Nuh-uh, still a little tight. Oh no, needs to be looser. And so it went on and on (and on) until the clamps weren’t really clamping much, but they were very comfortable.

I stood up to pose alluringly dressed only in nipple clamps…and they fell right off! We placed them back where they came from and sparked up some good old fashioned conventional sex to round up the night.


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