1000 Words: Ronya Galka

One of my favorite things is people watching and some of the moments Galka captures are people watching perfection.
FRI27FEB15 Ronya Galka 2

FRI27FEB15 Ronya Galka 3

FRI27FEB15 Ronya Galka


2 thoughts on “1000 Words: Ronya Galka

  1. I have to agree I love people watching, if you’re single (me) and comfortable in one’s own company it comes naturally, train travel is the place to observe all life, I sit in a carriage with ever changing faces and it’s absolutely fascinating, and I’ve had many interesting conversations with complete strangers who after you get acquainted suddenly get off never to be seen again, many years ago a beautiful young woman sat next to me and my god she liked chatting, she was funny personable a listener and I remember being quite upset after she got off. WAS she in fact my soul mate, had I happened across my intended other half? Or was she just a lovely human being?

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    1. I’m the same. Strumming up conversation on the train comes naturally to me – I quite like getting a peek into someone’s personality regardless of the fact I may never seeing them again. It’s surprising what you can learn in five or ten minutes!

      If you and your young woman cross paths again you’ll know it was mean to be : )

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