Style: Eyebrows

Eyebrow Comparison

Eyebrows define the face so much more than I realised, or so I’ve been informed in recent months!

I’ve always neglected my eyebrow – plucked a few strays and concentrated on finding the right foundation for my pasty skin or lipstick to make my lips pop – but so many people are preaching that the eyebrows are the ‘key’ nowadays that I thought I’d put it to the test. I looked at three products; a Rimmel pencil, MUA’s powder and Benefit’s gel.

The problem I have is that when I do apply product to my eyebrows it looks like too much, so I did a no make up comparison and the results were 100% better than I expected.

Picture3The pencil gives a really defined brow shape which I’m not really used to. I smudged the pencil out (2) which suited my tastes better but I still think it looked too heavy.


Picture4MUA’s Pro-brow was a more up my street giving a more natural finish (although the highlighting power was far too dark to match my skin tone) and I loved the little set which is fairly inexpensive and comes with a mirror and tweezers. Having never used waxed on my eyebrows before I was surprised that it didn’t look cakey or give a ‘wet look’ and I would definitely dip into this pallet just for the eyebrow gel. I quite like the finish of the powder but I have a question mark over it’s longevity. I’d wear it as a day product but not on a night out.

Picture6Benefits Gimme Brow Gel is very good, although also considerably more expensive. It takes a lot less concentration to apply because you simply apply it to your existing eyebrows, which gives it a really natural finish. Although when I initially applied it I didn’t think it made any difference at all, having looked at my photos I’m convinced that it’s my favorite brow enhancer. It adds something without being too obvious. Win.


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