Craft: Lino Printed Zip Pouch

Not only am I a massive fan of prints but I also love a good zip pouch, I use them all the time for pretty much anything; make-up, stationary, MP3 player, craft tools, snacks, batteries, external hard drives, tooth brush…they’re like second pockets to me – if it fits I’ll zip it!

You may have noticed this particular zip pouch in a post I did earlier this week around a few of my flight essentials. I’ve been experimenting with lino printing recently and to get the ball rolling with a usable print I thought I’d start of with a basic stripe.

With the right tools the ease of lino carving is very much based on how simple your design is, I spent a good few hours on scrap bits of lino getting to grips with the feel of the tools and the different effects I could do before going for a specific design. I’d advise this if you don’t want to get too frustrated too quickly. Once you’re happy with your finished block you can have a tidy up and move on to the messy bit…

Once you’ve chosen the right ink for your project (I chose a water-based heat fixed one) you need to be able to spread a even and thin layer onto the surface of your lino block – to do this I use a mirror and a small (2 inch) brayer. I also use a larger brayer to press the block firmly and evenly onto my fabric. Once set up, as with the lino cutting, I think the best way to go is to have a play and find a method which best suits your fabric, ink and lino block, as you can see from my pictures the finish can vary quite a bit between different methods.

When you’re happy with your method lay out your project fabric and print away!!!

I will do a more compressive post on creating the pouch itself but for now here are the key steps for you to follow if you’re confident with a sewing machine:
1. Don’t forget the fix the dye before you start as per the instructions given.
2. Cut your printed fabric and lining fabric to the desired size using your zip as a guide.
3. Press your fabrics in half and then press down your zip seems to make pining more simple.
4. Finish your zip ends with small sections of your printed fabric for a professional finish.
5. Carefully pin and then sew zip.
6. Turn inside out to finish your side seams. For a good finish you could use pinking sheers, bias binding, an over locker or a French seam.
7. Turn right way out, press, zip up and use!



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