Behind Closed Doors: Missionary Was Too Much To Ask

This day couldn’t have been better; a group of us had an excuse to dress up and to feel like the adults we pretty much were with fresh air, grass and cider followed by a sit down meal and buckets of polite conversation.

Chris and I hadn’t really spoke (let alone flirted) during the day, but as day turned to evening and evening turned to night the opportunity presented itself and the conversion from friend-of-a-friend to lover happened swiftly in three pretty straight forward moves:

  1. “Sure, I have some clothes you can borrow to sleep in.”
  2. “If you want you can borrow half my bed for tonight.”
  3. *spooning with boob groping*

When this opportunity knocked there were just enough pros for me to answer, although I did have a good few glasses of ‘poor judgement’ in my system.

My borrowed t-shirt came off.

Chris’s t-shirt came off.

My borrowed shorts ended up on the floor.

The only things left separating the inevitable were a pair of nude non-VPL/non-sexy knickers and some (rather soft) Calvin Kline bottoms…

As I took the lead we both ended up naked – me on top – and with some playful gyrating it didn’t take many minutes before he was inside me. Not a lot changed from then to completion,but an efficient fucking is not to be sniffed at after a long day.

I credited myself with being feisty and taking control – he had no option to stay on his back and be ridden to his climax by the ever so desirable me. However, as dawn broke and I tried to heat things up again it turns out Chris isn’t all that willing to move off his back. A few (too many) moments of negotiation broke out and a compromise was reached – penetrative spooning.

His hands weren’t idle and I did come away from the encounter with a fumble-induced orgasm of my own. I’m not sure that wandering hands really compensate for a lack of willing to move off ones back though.


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