Food: Gluten Free

Picture4We had a girls night lined up full of makeup, food and good drink…and then ‘The Boys’ decided to join us. They were less than enthusiastic about the gluten-free meal planned and promptly purchased some burger buns and tortilla chips, oh ye of little faith!

My friend, Hanna, had recently purchased The Art Of Eating Well by Hemsley and Hemsley and while I don’t often get drawn in by the promise of a better life via eating what you’re told their recipes are both inventive and delicious. We knocked up some courgette chips, a grilled halloumi salad and black bean burgers (which didn’t photograph so well). Although the bean burgers did come out a little dry everything else went down a storm (even with the boys)! I’ve been converted – gluten free doesn’t have to be boring!

I don’t have the exact recipes but here’s the gist:

Grilled Halloumi Salad – salad leaves, avocado, papaya, halloumi grilled in gee, seeds and an olive oil based dressing.

Courgette Chips – chunky cut courgette rolled in egg then a parmesan and ground almond mix before being cooked at moderate heat for 10mins.

They were both so delicious I might even invest in the cook book!


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