Style: Moisturising

SUN25JAN15 Mouisuriser

I am a creature of habit and also of dry skin. I find that life is a whole lot less irritable when the basics are covered:

  • No chapped lips;
  • Skin looking healthy without make-up;
  • Better finish to your make up; and
  • Hands not sensitive to squeezing the limes into your mojitos.

Being sufficiently moisturised definitely helps my swagger!

I’ve tried a few things over the years and (for now) have settled on these three basics which include own brand, high street and high end, which suits my budget at the moment and doesn’t feel like I’m missing out.

Face & neck: Aqueous cream

You can buy 500g tubes off this from your local pharmacy (off the shelf, not over the counter) for a few quid alternatively E45 is a branded version. It’s a bog standard no-frills moisturiser and does the job. I apply it twice a day after I wash my face.

It can also be used as a soap if you have really sensitive skin meaning other options are too aggressive. I’ve even been know to use it as makeup remover when caught short on weekends away.

Hands: Vaseline, Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails

Does exactly what it says on the tin, although I think one of its best qualities is how quickly it absorbs into the skin so you don’t end up leaving greasy prints on your notebooks or keyboards.

Lips & Stubborn Dryness: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (Fragrance Free)

I’m not sure whether my lips are moisturised for a full eight hours but this cream is super effective and super versatile. Although it does leave a slight sheen I also use it on my cuticles or around my nose after a cold to inject a burst of moisture.


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