Food: Sharon Fruit Three Ways

Sharon Fruit GIF

Sharon fruit (also called Persimmon) is in season! Although I love fruit and veg, I’m not one of those people who could tell you when something was due on the shelves at it’s best – I tend to judge it on what’s cheap and plentiful in the shops.

Sharon fruit has become increasingly popular over the past few years – I can’t remember ever seeing it as a child. It’s great that this makes it more readily available, so we have a better variety of flavours to indulge in. Until now, I certainly hadn’t given it enough credit but trying out these three simple ideas has me sold. I’m going to make good use of the Sharon fruit season this year!

1 – Peeled with a squeeze of lime. Hmm-mmm this prep won hands down for me; a refreshing, tangy and crunchy snack.

2 – Topped, tailed and sliced. Not bad at all, I’d think of it as winter’s nectarine…but with tougher skin and a bit more bite.

3 – Cooked off with a splash of apple juice, a teaspoon of molasses and a knob of butter. What doesn’t taste good cooked in dark sugar and butter? Sharon fruit is no exception, although I think a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream wouldn’t go amiss in this case.





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