Drink: Cherry & Cocoa Nib Milkshake

Cherry & cocoa nib milkshake Main

I love smoothies, I love ice cream and a milkshake is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. For this beauty I added a generous helping of ice-cream, half a handful of cocoa nibs and a more than a handful of frozen morello cherries (which I am clearly a fan of). Then all you have to do is add milk and blend until you have a consistency which is to you liking. Easy.

Tip one: Cocoa nibs, although high in protein can be quite bitter so depending on how sweet your ice-cream is a spoonful of honey might work in your favour.

Tip two: If you fancy a healthier option the ice-cream can easily be swapped out for a yogurt.

Cherry & cocoa nib milkshake ingredients


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