Behind Closed Doors: Creepy or Cute?

A while ago Bob – a guy who I had slept with several times – forwarded me a picture he’d taken while I was sleeping. If this had been a one night stand, there’s no question, it would have been creepy. But as we’d been seeing each other for a while he could just have got away with it….perhaps he found the curve of my back sexy as I lay on my side with a white sheet loosely draped over me, I could have looked angelic with my hair like a halo around my face as I slept peacefully, or maybe he’d angled up the perfect shot of me in my silk negligee with a hardback book and freshly cut wild flowers on the night stand.

Alas, I got the photo below along with the comment:

‘You just looked really asleep and it’s nice when you’re quite.’

To him it was a reminder, for when he’s sick of me talking about my current projects and/or feelings, that I am able to be quiet (if only when I’m asleep). Not that cute, Bob.

Creepy or cute#nofilter


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