LENA DUNHAM: Not That Kind Of Girl


There’s nothing better than getting lost in a book, although I do often struggle to really make the time to read. I’m good at making excuses and finding things to do which I deem more ‘practical’ – which sometimes can be as trivial as having a snooze – but really I’m depriving myself as there’s nothing more rewarding than putting a book down and having felt like you’ve learnt or experienced something. It doesn’t have to be the answer to life, love or the universe nor relate to the laws of physics. It could be a simple as relating to the naivety of Ana in Fifty Shades Of Grey, feeling the despair as Katniss is picked for the Hunger Games once more or maybe you simply took on board some of the things Lena Dunham learnt from her parents:

Lena’s Mum: Never yell at someone else’s child. Just talk shit about them behind their back

Lena’s Mum: Family first. Work second. Revenge third.

Lena’s Dad: A rising tide lifts all boats

Lena’s Dad: That being said, it’s horrible when people you hate get things you want.

Not That Kind Of Girl is a book full of personal essays about the very talented author. Ever since I lost my job and flat in the same day and followed it up with 4 days on a friend’s sofa drinking far too much wine every night, cooking for her fiance when he got in from work and watching every Girls episode I could get my hands on I’ve been following the deserved success of Lena Dunham. She’s honest and she seems gracious, with her feet firmly on the ground and no fear of saying what she believes. I’m not sure this book would make a great read for anyone who didn’t already appreciate her style but I enjoyed every page, what was even better was it struck a cord so great that I actually made time to read it.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite of the Ask Lena series prior the release of this book and If you’ve not already watched Girls I recommend that you do.


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