Food: Red Lentil Dhal & Naan


I never made Dhal before because I was under the impression that lentils were a tricky beast to tame but after watching a friend throw one together last week, without so much as breaking a sweat, I thought I would give it a go. The recipe I used (here) only had two steps and the most time consuming part was chopping the butternut squash!

The result smelt and tasted delicious, even better the next day too! This recipe is definately being bookmarked, now the naans on the other hand…

Dhal Gif

While the Dhal was a simple success the naan was not. I followed this recipe and although the taste was okay (the fennel seeds added an interesting and welcome dimension), I think my technique still leaves a lot to be desired. The dough itself was really wet and sticky so I managed to cover most of the kitchen in bits of dough and flour. The finished product was closer to a chapati that a naan as I would know it – no air pockets inside and not particularly thick – although I wonder how much authentic naan varies from the supermarkets I still think I’ll have a play around with proving times before I give up!




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