Behind Closed Doors: Facebook BJ

Social media is a relatively recent tool – when I was studying for my GCSEs and A-levels we had MySpace to air our selfies and stalk crushes and when I got to uni you needed a ‘’ e-mail to join Facebook, which was initially intended as a network for students. Over the last 8 years the internet has moved from being something you had to ‘dial-up’ on the one desktop in your family home to being free with you fries. It’s woven into our day to day activities more than we often realise, including sending and receiving blow jobs (or at least in this case).

Given this was my early days, I wasn’t nearly as practised in dirty talk as I am now. It was back when wine came in threes (for a tenner from ASDA), I had no clue how to fasten suspenders and I had little experience of erotica thus meaning my vocabulary was limited which made this tricky, as when giving someone a blow job over Facebook Chat all you have is your vocabulary.

I don’t think I even intended to attempt such a maverick thing, but as I remember he started it and I ended up finishing it – I was in the moment regardless of how unqualified I was. It would have been an even more repetitive train of statements had the gentleman in question not been particularly free with his orgasms. He gave them up quickly and re-loaded in no time which easily compensated and definitely worked in my favour here.

I’ll start you where it got interesting:



As I slowly kiss you I can feel you harden

 That feels good….what else do you do?

I lick up and down your penis,

You’re making me really hard.

before taking you in my mouth

 I take you deep into my mouth

Keep going you’re going to make me cum

My mouth moves up and down

 Up and down

 I take you deeper and deeper

Don’t stop

You’re deeper and deeper inside my mouth

 My mouth is moving up and down your cock

 Up and down

 Up and down

 Deeper and deeper

 Up and down

 Deeper and deeper

Wow, I just came.



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