Food: Cherry and Almond Mince Pies


I could eat mince pies all year round. I love them – with a brew, a glass of wine or a cup of milk I’m happy.

I went completely off-piste with this mince recipe (no zest, no suet) but I think it worked, let me know what you think…

125g Soft Dark brown sugar
75ml Disaronno
250g Raisins
175g Frozen morello cherries [thawed]
75g Whole almonds [browned on the stove and roughly chopped]
2 Braeburn apples [pealed, cored and grated]

For best results chuck all these ingredients into a big bowl a good few hours before you intend to bake so everything plumps up and the flavours can mingle well. This mix will keep well at room temp for several days providing you’ve given it a good mix.

For the pastry I simply used this recipe and it turned out to be the shortest pastry I’ve ever made – so moreish!

My top tip for making these beauts has to be to stack them high. Who doesn’t love a mince pie bursting with cherry and almond?!

Finally a little sprinkling of chunky silver sugar, for that festive glam, and Bob’s your uncle.

Mince Pie Gif


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