Craft: Tiny Stocking


A really good friend of mine gave birth to her son incredibly premature (3 months to be exact) he’s been doing really lately and has even made it home just in time for Christmas despite still being a few weeks off his official due date. He is still tiny so I thought a mini stocking would be perfect to help decorate his first Christmas at home.

…and the chocolate and cheese? Well, his parents deserve a little treat as well!


I’ve never made a stocking before, never mind one as tiny as this but using a few cheats I was able to knock up something as cute as the boy himself!

1. Firstly, I printed a stocking outline from the internet which I’d sized to be a couple of centimeters larger than I wanted the finished product.

2. Using the full image I cut out 2 of the full stocking shapes in the outer and lining fabric (that’s 4 in total).

3. I then cut the top, toes and heel off the paper template and used these to cut out the lining fabric. (4 x tops, 2 x toes, 2 x heels).

4. I settled for having an open seam on the inside of the stocking to make the process a little easier and so carefully pinned the lining to the front facing panel and the toes and heels on top of that. This also gave the Liberty fabric a lot more stability when appliqueing on the patches.


5. If pinned well the applique is quite straight forward, although does require a steady hand and a little concentration. The heel and toe are attached to both the front facing and lining fabric with a short, dense zig-zag stitch.

6. Now these two pieces (both of which should be closely resembling the finished product by now) can be placed face-to-face and neatly sewing together to create a stocking shaped pouch. I also used the pinking shears on the inside seams to neaten them up a little.

7. The next step is by far the most fiddly, but before that…to create the cuff to the stocking you need to sew the 4 rectangles together (2 x 2) to make a long rectangle and then sew the two short ends together to make a loop. Once folded in half (seams on the inside) this will resemble the cuff.

8. The final (and most rewarding step), attaches the cuff to the body of the stocking. With both the cuff and the body turned right way out the cuff is placed inside the body and both open seams are pinned together. This circumference can then be sewn – a fiddly job due to the size of the opening. Once complete the cuff can be pulled round to the ‘right’ side and the complete stocking can be ironed.

9. Hey presto!

20DEC - Stocking Detail


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